So what’s in a name?


Interesting place names names round here – this seen on the road out of “howlong” While this name is clearly a bastardization of some some old Aboriginal dialect the barrumbuttock is more of a mystery. Seems an amalgam of an Aboriginal name and an English ending -pun intended.

Could not help reflecting that this is something one would be less likely to see in NZ as over time the Maori have insisted that new zealand must adopt correct and accurate place names including correct pronunciation of words. Culturally insulting to do otherwise.

Australia is different – maybe the local Aboriginals have all been wiped out – maybe no one left cares. Since heading out of melbourne I have been playing a type of ” eye spy” game to be first to spot
1 – a beehive
2. An Abo

So far zero for either or option.Wonder where they are?

The ride from Howlong was thru flatter country than I have been in so far Wheat growing country in black loamy type soils. Traffic very light – plenty of billabongs on route and an incredibly noisy birds seemed to want to serenade my passage on these long straight roads.



the aussy’s have a great 3G network that has remarkable coverage thru much of rural Australia. has been possible to keep in good contact with home and also update the blog via this network. pity NZ is so far behind with this technology


  1. Interesting observations! After a bit of research I was able to find a couple of origins to the name ‘Burrumbuttock’, the most convincing being that it most likely has Aboriginal origins with the word ‘Burrum’ referring to water. Apparently local belief is that it is Aboriginal for “Bullock’s Backbone”. There you go.

  2. Bruce reading your blog is giving me itchy feet again!! There are so many wonderful places to see in our own backyard. You mentioned in one of the towns you stayed at that there was a rail trail that a few people were doing, does this mean an old train line that has been converted into a bike track with no road traffic?

    Hope your butt is feeling better 🙂

  3. Bruce where will you be on Friday evening , Ian is really keen to join you for a couple of days cycle, but you may be visiting a few more waterholes on the way, let us know if this can fit in with your journey?

    • Hi Melinda,
      Will call later in evening and catch up with Ian. ( probably the town of Young )
      yes the town of Beechworth netled into hill country has an impressive range of rail trail options – extends to a few towns an people are taking 3 4 and even 5 day options on cycling the trails. I tried one near Mansfield
      Kids would love it – we’ll maybe not Olivia
      Love from bruce

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