the Solitude of a solo cyclist ? U kidding!

Actually cycle solo may not be as lonesome as you may imagine. More like a family road trip where you have the kids – different personalities come into play.
The Butt – he is like the kid that really did not want to come on the holiday – but unrealistic to leave him at home – sits in the back seat showing little or no interest and complaining all the time. Always asking ” how far is it now Dad?
the arms start to fret after a while – ” can we stop now Dad? The legs really complain when the climbs get steep – can we stop for a rest now ?

Happy to report that Butt has resigned himself to the holiday and has actually started to enjoy himself too!

When the destination is finally close – one starts to count down the Kms to the next good old Aussy pub and a nice midi of cool beer
price a little dearer here. – $3.20

just when you think you have seen them all this magnificent Cool old pub at Coolamon NSW

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