An epic ride …. Temora to Cowra 150 Kms

made an early start from Temora. There was a bakery in town that opened at 6 so I had a mince pie and 2 donuts for breakfast. As the day unfolded i had course to reconsider the suitability of this type of breakfast for me. It was a hard ride – a constant fairly harmless wind but right on the nose made progress painfully slow. Did not feel great and worried that the plan for 150 Kms may have come unstuck. Seemed to be lacking energy somehow.
After 80 painfull Kms I finally arrived at Young just after midday and decided that I would break with tradition and find a place that did a good lunch and sit down for a relaxed meal. A green curry with rice – a light beer + a bundaberg ginger beer — was just what the doctor ordered.

The quick brown fox jumped over the wombat masquerading as a koala into oncoming traffic!

Do not – I repeat do not tell me it is not a fox .

the rest of the ride into Cowra was on better roads and the lunch seemed to kick in and revive me.
Finally hit the outskirts of Cowra at about 5.30 pm – sun setting and just enough light to find another bed for the night.

Very happy to have finally done a decent days work- but it was that – a full day on the bike.


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