Sweetbriars to Temora – easy 61 Kms

just lost 6 kgs!!! – going much faster now

It was easy – I went down to the post shop and purchased a postal box and packed up all the stuff from the front panniers that so far have not been touched. Tent/ sleeping bag/sleeping mat/ cooker. The bike feels quicker and safe to take ones hands off on the downhills. Going uphill is significantly faster now.

The Sweetbriars B&B owned by a lovely couple Andre and Keryl who made my stay very pleasant with their very generous hospitality.
Recommend to all travelers – a must do for Coolamon


Left late from Coolamon as decided on a smaller day up to Temora. The road was a real back country route with only a few cars for most of the way. Rich agricultural country – another Australian grain producing area.


Stopped to take of photo of this real old church bang smack in the middle of nowhere. Wonder how many years it has been since those awful old hymns were sung there. My two least favorite musical genres are Rap and Church music – both only good in very small doses.


below a couple of pics from the town of Temora – again they have so many graceful old buildings in these well worn Aussy towns. Lots of pubs and lots of churches. While the Australian public seem to have lost some of their enthusiasm for the churches – the pubs are all more or less still well attended- everyday service from 10am till late. Always find a conversation by dropping by the pub.



This map shows the extent of my cycle journey in Australia to date. This has been done in four individual trips – this being the fourth. It is a big country!!

One comment

  1. Hi Bruce,
    glad to see you made it up to Cowra ok, you are an inspiration. So happy you walked though our front gate and that we could share a small part of your journey.
    Andre and Keryl

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