Just how does Barb get her Jollies??

You may as surprised as I that Barb really gets a lot of pleasure in washing clothes , has always been one of those domestic chores that she takes to with gusto. The charms of cooking and cleaning have long since lost whatever virtues they may have had – but true to say that Barb loves a good big wash. As a matter of intellectual interest I might engage a psychologist on this topic , but common sense dictates that I should consider myself lucky and keep my mouth shut.

If you do not believe me – just ask Barb next time you see her.

We spent 2 nights in a wonderful spot at the very foot of the very scenic Mt Maunganui – right on the beach. We had some work done to sort out an electrical problem with our charging system for our batteries – all good now. The weather has Been simply amazing , little wind and lots of sun. I paddled the single this morning while Barb had a hard walk up to the summit.




barb’s view from the top of the mount- see the 5th wheel?


    • sandi – naturally I would not like to disappoint her by interfering with her getting her washing fix- not be fair – but I drive the rig , wash dishes without being asked and such other duties as she prescribes from time to time

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