Hahei beach and Cathedral cove

decided to check out Hahei Beach on the coast just to the south of Whitianga. The Indian summer appears to be almost over and today was the first really cloudy day for ages. We got ” Her Ladyship” down from ontop of the 5 th and packed up for a paddle up to Cathedral cove – a very popular spot here for tourists. A 90 min walk – but only a 20 min paddle.








Spent a pleasant hour at the Cathedral before paddling out to Muhurangi island – just off Hahei beach. Wind was building and the threat of light rain imminent. We spotted a couple of fur seals resting on the rocks as we cruised the rocky coastline with our Kahawhai lure out. First strike was a nice rat kingy – had it on the foredeck but somehow it escaped my grasp and was off. With some sweet talk I managed to get the forward engine to agree to one more paddle up to the end of the island and back. Lady luck smiled eventually – and we had another kingy strike. This time I manged to keep hold with blood flying as I managed to bleed and secure the kingy to the foredeck Will cook it this evening on the Barbi.


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