lunch with Sammi – Auckland

We hit the road early from Hahei a little anxious about a rain forecast and wanted to get to Aukland before the rain sets in. Hit the city mid day and attempted to find the x rug rats. We tracked Sammi who was working in a library but was unable to find Chris who did not answer any calls / texts.

Sunday in Auckland was fairly busy but we headed down to the bottom of the CBD and found a great parking spot opposite the old train station. We set up home there and invited Sammi to join us for a lunch. Sammi and I shopped at a local chineses supermarket and got the makings of a really nice lunch which we cooked up in the 5 th. Just a pity Chris did not surface.
We found out much later that Chris had mislaid his ” silent mode” phone

Headed north to Wairewa for a dip at the hot springs – spending tonight at Orewa beach. Barb will be staying on in Akl before winging her way to Sydney on Wednesday for further adventures.



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