“Her Ladyship’s” box

spent a few hours today on the construction of a robust box for her Ladyship. Barb and I have plans to ship her via sea freight to Tonga – she sails at the end of the month. We will reunited with her in mid July and plans to take her out to the Ha’apai island group.


The box design is 6.4 metres long !!! has involved lots of 12 mm ply – 4 steel braced box sections- 2 6 + meters lengths 100×50 and a lot of gorilla glue , staples and rivets. Built to last. The ply sides are glued and nailed on the bottom into the long sides of the 100×50 floor bearers creating a type of very strong ” box beam”
Her Ladyship at a mere 35 kgs will weigh considerably less than her box.



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