Hanging out with Jack

there is little to do on a Sunday in Tonga as everything shuts down except the palangi style resorts where you can still buy a meal and have a swim if you so choose. Barb and I took a 30 minute walk up through the local village but it was hot enough to make one sticky and we both retreated back to our beach at the resort and then had a lovely swim.

been doing rather a lot of reading here – the iPad is such a great device for storing lots of books and I have been immersed in short stories by the famous American author Jack London. He wrote most of his works in the early 1900’s pretty well one century ago but his wisdom , wit and style still resonates well with our present century.He tells engaging wild and wooly tales of traders and polynesians – he clearly had impressive skills in observation.
Literary folk say his true genius was in the genre of the short story – 7500 words or less , but his most famous works were novels like ” call of the wild” and other stories from the big Klondike gold rush of the early 1900’s

His short stories about he pacific are magical and I have enjoyed reading them here in these warm tropical islands. London was a bit of a philosopher with a socialist bent and this comes through in some of his work .
so many of the old classics of yesteryear are now 100% free as ebooks – no royalty of estate issues to complicate this – I think London is incredibly readable for today’s readers in a way that many authors of his time are not.




Barb surveying her kingdom


  1. Love reading the blog! It must be nice to keep on relaxing knowing you’ve got an extra week of holidays. Fingers crossed Her Ladyship will arrive soon though!

  2. Thanks Sammi – good to have a reader or two! We are sailing today – off for a day trip on a big cat – in theory her Ladyship may arrive in nuku’alofa today – but who knows!

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