little Italy and spot the box coming

Little Italy – our home for the last few days in Nuku’alofa. A genuine Italian owned restaurant with a hotel on top – a lovely place to stay in a Basil Fawlty type of way – odd things happen like the jack hammer next door shaking my tooth fillings on Saturday. thankfully Sunday was a real day off for all workers in Tonga including most of the staff. We were given little breakfast packs on Sunday evening including a slice of cold toast , a handful of cornflakes and a noodle cup.
The restaurant however functions well of an evening with dishes that would be acceptable in any Italian restaurant from home. One must always remember that good things take time in Tonga and one needs to be patient for things to happen.

Today we finally got to see Her ladyships box again – we did not open for inspection as we have taken advice of our friend Derek Leonard and decided that the safest place for her is to stay locked in her box till we get to Pangai. With a lot of vital bits and pieces inside of her we could not afford the risk of arriving and find we have lost some vital bits due to light fingered Tongans who have a reputation for lifting stuff around the milling throngs at the dock.

We sail this evening.

We did a motor scooter tour around Tongatapu on Sunday – this pic from the blow holes on the southern side – very impressive sight


This impressive Tongan stone henge dates from 1200AD and attests to the strength of Tongan men. the lintel may be 30 – 40 ton

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