tofanga island


after leaving Tatafa we headed off for a visit to Uiha island – has two villages and we were able to get some bananas , a can of fruit salad and replenish water stocks. With about 30 liters on board we headed off for the island of Tofanga. We caught a nice sized Tuna trawling a kahawhai lure which will be dinner tonight – incredible colours . Again the campsite is very average – camping in sand is a challenge to keep it out of the tent and actually de-grit the body the sand is sticky with this showery humid weather. We got a good soaking before the landing and during with surf making things a bit tricky.
no pigs here but very surprised to find a cow with a yearling , considering the fact that there is zero grass and no fresh water these animals look in good condition.
Barb freaked out at about 7pm when an incredible procession of hermit crabs started to migrate towards the ocean – our tent blocks their normal route ,each ensconced in his/ her borrowed sea shell. Bigger crabs in big shells and small in small. Barb does not want another night here!
we can hear the shuffling noise now that we have zipped up the tent.
The fish was a treat – we cooked in foil with some ginger , garlic, oil and lime.




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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha……… I can’t stop laughing imagining Mum’s reaction to the hermit crabs. That would have been priceless. Love you both. 🙂 x

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