Heaphy track

Heaphy Track and onwards

Roger called me a couple of weeks ago with a great plan – walk the Heaphy track then jump on road bikes and cycle down the west coast – over the Haast Pass and onwards to Queenstown. All part of Rogers big plan to ease back from the nearly full time work as a chemist. Roger just wants to have fun — and we are here to support him in his endeavor .

the team that have agreed to accompany roger is myself , Ali Robinson, Graham from Whatatane and Rod ( with the sore ankle) From Rotorua who has agreed to be our driver – accommodation coordinator – cook – laundryman and general tail end Charlie . We plan to start the Heaphy track on Friday 5th April – a 4 day walk then ” on ya bike” thru the wild west coast. Adventure beckons . Ali and Rob are not doing the walk – Ali is going to kayak for a while – buggered knees from too much of the ugly game in his youth – Rob is the ordnance coordinator responsible “for driving and such other duties as may be prescribed from time to time” or the BITCH for short.


Able Tasman close to track start

motel in Collingwood – very close to beginning of Heaphy track
Bruce Rod Graham and Ali
We start the walk Friday 5 th April


Farewell Spit a great view — close to Collingwood

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