last day on Heaphy

Last day on Heaphy track
Started walking at the silly time of 6.30am – not sure why – however Graham’s intention to cycle to Westport – abo km meant that we needed to get out quickly. We lost about half an hour after getting lost – YES – we got lost on the Heaphy track. took us about 30 minutes and some dangerous boulder hoping before the penny dropped and we retraced our steps . Rob and Ali met us on the last km of the track and we all made our way back together swapping tall tales of various adventures had. Ali and Rob had clearly made good use of their time and had a lot fun along the way – but as they say what goes on tour stays on tour.

After getting all the gear squared away and Ali and Graham on their bikes we headed off the Westport and the camping ground Roger had booked. Took the guys about 5 hours to cycle in – a great effort from Graham.
the accommodation was a real shocker – a single room 4 x 5 meters with 5 beds squeezed in somehow. Not an ideal space for 5 overfed and over hydrated men to spend the night. This noisy night finally finished at the ungodly hour of 5 .15 am when Ali got out of bed anf thru open the ranch slider ” i need air! “we gave up and turned the lights on – the day began.









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