Westport to Greymouth – biking at last !

After our early start we still had a massive repack and Rob managed to find a way to send our packs and superfluous tramping gear north as the vehicle is overloaded with stuff.

On the bikes finally at about 8 am and an amazing ride indeed. The coast road is a remarkable piece of Nz scenery. The road surface is smooth and consistent and a pleasure to feel the Kms pass by with spinning legs. Also a joy to me as finally something that does not hurt the legs – as my calf muscles are still strung as tight as a nuns suspenders.

We spent an interesting time at Punakaiki ( pancake rock formations) a catch up with Rod and a chance meeting with a cute Italian cyclist who Ali chatted up , Allesandra , she posed for our team photo.

Onwards to Greymouth – Graham started to feel the pressure of his big day yesterday and his decision to run an MTb with roadies. With a good sleep he will be up to the task again I am sure.
Greymouth hostel “Noah’s Ark ” was a welcome stop after 103 km and a lovely place crowded with attractive young woman. Now most of us are married men except Ali – who had this wistful look in his eye , that slight tilt of the head , twitch of the nose – reminiscent of a crusty old ram about ready to be thrown in with the ewes.

historic building.








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