Spain – and Toledo

Our first night in Spain – the ancient city of Toledo

We both travelled well – a big 24 hours of flying with only 1 hour in Sydney and 100 minutes in Dubai. We used the 100 Dubai minutes wisely with a hot shower before settling in to another champagne and the final 7 hour dash to Madrid. would actually be fair to describe the whole trip as one extended champagne breakfast – Barb surprised me with her drinks orders!

We have both arrived in good nick in Madrid – hot clear and very sunny, everything went well until the oversized luggage handler managed to get my bike box stuck in his oversized conveyor security door. Some damage noted but will wait till I open the box later to see if everything is still AOK

Picked up the rental – plugged in ” Catherine Le Tour” our sexy French garmin driving aid and headed off for Toledo – an on the spot decision as we had one unbooked night to sort our before we head to Montecorto – our destination in the white villages of Andalucia. Driving here a little bit nervy – but with Catherine Le tour telling me where to go and Barb telling me how to do it and how fast not to go we have made good progress in handling the spaghetti junction motorway system that is typical of the plains in Spain.
We found a reasonable hotel within easy walking distance of the old walled city of Toledo – checked in and then had a wonderful late afternoon walk of about 1 hour or so up into the narrow cobbled streets of this amazing old citadel.

We did well to see the day out and finally hit the sack at 9.30 pm -Thursday about 9.30 am on kiwi Friday morning !










Toledo has always been famous for steel – swords and full sets of medieval battle armour can still be purchased here – and lots of knives.

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