falling in love with La Casita – Montecorto

La Casita is the name of this funky little house in the white village of Montecorto. The village is not old old by some standards but still 17th century – so very ancient by kiwi standards.She is ours for the next 2 weeks!!! Montecorto is a typical Peublo Blanco ( white village) nestled into a hill side about 15 Kms out of Ronda.

The house is owned by an English couple , Maggie and Keith Redway and is simply very
unique – we both love it. The decoration has been done with care , many very personal touches to La Casita and is a pleasure to be staying here. We even have an upstairs over roof balcony to relax in the afternoon sun.
The village has a few bars , two shops , a library , bakeries and a post office. Seems to have many elderly folk – retirees perhaps. Lots of stunning Bouganvillias adorning many of the well kept houses all kept in the same Blanco white. A friendly place to be based – population of a few 100. Plenty of water here , in fact a rushing brook flows down the road just outside the front door- contained in a concrete ditch . think it is fed from a spring from the hills above and no doubt was important in the siting of the village here.




The fish monger in the village


Our Blanc Peublo ( white village ) Montecorto

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