Barbs notes
We took a long meandering drive through amazing scenery and an equally incredible descent to the village of Zahara which lies about 511 metres above sea level. The main landmark here is an old castle that sits right on the top of the hill on which the town is sited. It would have been the perfect lookout and retreat through the many wars. The Romans, Moors and finally Catholic Monarchs all conquered here. We made the steep climb to the castle to admire the views of limestone rocks, green fields and a large lake and it certainly felt perilously high as we stood right at the top.
We found a little cafe to have dinner in the urbano centro but at 8pm we were probably an hour too early to be joined by the locals! We must try harder not to be hungry so early especially with the late and beautiful sunsets. Our meals featured Iberian cuisine and it was different to get the Moroccan flavours.




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