Day 4 – 103 Kms to Wells via David’s castle

Crossed another county line early in today’s ride

A great ride today despite very average weather. We had fantastic tail winds that helped drive us along. Another meandering route that took us through Bampton. After lunch Marty , Jamie , Elias and I followed David Keeping as he took us on a special route to see some other amazing local sights. Top of his list was his first wife – Marion. She went to a lot of effort to make some lovely scones for our special Devonshire high tea at their lovely country home. Not sure why these terribly English occasions are called ” high tea” but I am sure that after several days on the road the boys probably came across as high to Marion.

Maid Marion herself – although David points out that she has a house cleaner who does most of the work.A heart of gold – can you see it glowing?

Our special treat

He has a nice house too – but as I think I have explained we were only really going to check out our maid Marion. The ” David Special” continued on through some interesting peat producing country and then we headed off to see the very hippy town of Glastonbury. A fascinating town crawling with low life hippy’s and other drops outs – think David calls these English folk “Chavs”.

Jamie and Marty outside yet another pub.

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