Crossing into Devon

Day 3 – 87 Kms to Tiverton

The day started off depressingly gloomy with a fine misty cool threatening sky with a dubious forecast . We crossed the border from Cornwall into Devon skirting the Dartmore rising on one side. Weather continued to get better until we had lovely sunny conditions with a nice tail wind as we pushed on to Tiverton

David tackling one of the many hills in this undulating country

Bobbie arriving at the first rest stop – a colorful southern Belle from the south in the states. She has a lot of ” yu..alll’s in her expressions and she calls her cycling shorts , ” big girl panties”
She cycles hills strongly.

Elias. – Eli for short is an interesting guy from Texas – originally from Mexico – a very clever guy. Elias manages a serious hearing loss condition – He is an expert in computer code development but now a full time adventurer – just pops back home very now and then so that his wife does not forget what he looks like. As i said a very Clever guy!




Scenery changes as we head into Devon – some amazing old thatch style roofs to be seen. We now see larger trees , some big oaks and ride through some Sherwood forest type glades – half expect to see Friar Tuck waddle across the road

Found this nice quiet country pub about 15 Kms from the end and decided that I needed to maintain my record of sampling at least one local beer per day. Have broken the record every day so far!
Naturally rehydration is a significant concern for cyclists like us – the publican offered me his best locally made ale – said it was a true beer “made for real men” ,picking up on my accent he started to slag off at Fosters beer. I let him carry on for a while before telling him that it was just fine with me as I was a Kiwi.
And the verdict ? Bit weak – bit too warm – good enough for a real Englishman though!

John – enjoying the late arvo sun as we cruised the last few miles into Tiverton

One comment

  1. Hi Bruce

    Really enjoying following your ride – having been there in 2010 the pics bring back memories – imagine being on those narrow lanes in a substantial vehicle and meeting a milk tanker! We all breathed in deeply!!

    Take care

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