getting lost in Cornwall

DAY 2 – got rather hopelessly lost

started off as a cloudy cooling day and stayed that way for the whole day – getting cooler in the late afternoon. I cycled with Jamie and Marty – lots of undulations , narrow twisting fast descents followed by the pay back of climbs back to the next ridge. The lanes continue to be very narrow in places – hardly enough space for even one car.



plenty of odd spots for dead people cover this country – did anyone ever remind them they would be dead a long time?

Tried out a little local treat at a tea house with Jamie and Marty – they ordered The Cornish version of a Devonshire tea with distinctive local thick whipped cream. They argued the toss about whether the jam or the cream should be spread first. Marty claimed victory . won


Marty and Jamie –

Ozzie ( short for Oswald ) is one of our 2 guides- the 2 ic – both English guys. Very laid back individual who helps anyway he can – very generous nature. He races hell for leather to arrive at the next lunch stop in time to lay out the next wonderful banquet. A balancing act as the group can take some time to arrive at any given spot.

20130610-220732.jpgDavid is an interesting fun guy to have in the group , great sense of humor. We pass close by his place in a day or two and his wife , Marion , has kindly invited us all to visit for high tea on the patio – outside may be better with the absence of washing machines in recent days.

Another one of the Group – John – this guy knows a an awful lot about vaccines and has a real adventurers pedigree with some significant high alpine climbing amongst his palmares.

Our lunch stop was at a small village called St Tudy. Things had been going very well till that point but I made a big mistake in delaying my departure when Jamie and Marty pushed off. When I left a while later I had my gps fail and had trouble with my map which I could not find. To cut a long story short – I cycled off in the wrong direction completely and ended up covering 128 Kms for my day and was the last one to arrive at the final resting stop for the night – Threthorne Golf club close to Launceston. Pleased to call it a day.

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