lands End – to John O’Groats – day one 77 Kms

The first day of riding we covered only 77 Kms but through some amazing Cornish country lanes – very narrow by even our NZ standards but extremely beautiful with lush vegetation – an incredible display of wild flowers in the dappled shade of these classic English back country roads. Foxgloves and Bluebells In vibrant display.

We started off with a 10 km trip,out to Lands End for the obligatory photographs that marked the beginning of our epic ride.



We had a brief stop for a coffee on the coast close by Penzance and waited awhile as Ozzie – one of the guides went to look for Elias who got separated from the group.Most of us are riding with a gps device provided by the guides that has a route programmed in so that we can avoid the major roads and hopefully not get hopelessly lost. I suspect Elias has his own device and his own route. A very interesting and independent thinker is our Elias.

Interesting to see the style of sailing boats here – twin keel to suit the massive 5 meter tides that also go out a long way. Penzance

Looking towards an old offshore castle – St Michaels Mount


Lunch stop at Praze-an-Beeble. These guys really know how to feed hungry cyclists – great feed followed by a beer at the local pub



Couple of pics of the old town of Truro – our stop for tonight. fantastic cathedral the tall spire visible for miles around. Pictured is the old town drunk who when awake lets forth a string of offensive commentary to all passers by as we discovered later in the evening.


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