A spectacular day to remember

A day for the climbers – destination Casterton

Woke and flexed one leg then the other and concluded it would be a great day. We are taking time to explore some high “Fells” into barren windswept sheep country. I could tell it was to be special by the way John gave his briefing. A slight quaver to his voice gave a hint of emotion for a classic Brit ride that he and Ozzie both love. We climbed 2 long climbs , the first Sykes Fell , a lovely summit and a plunging descent down to Dunsop Bridge for a smoko. The lunch was on top of a very pretty ascent – Pyrenees like in the Catlow Fell. It afforded expansive views out towards the lakes district , Yorkshire and Cumbria.
after lunch we enjoyed another incredibly fast descent down to the valley below.We chanced upon passing Bradley Wiggons ( Wiggo) on our descent as he was riding in the opposite direction.





Internet so slow blog postponed

Ozzie Marty Jamie on the last climb to lunch. Jamie gave us all a lesson – powering away as only lightweights can!


lunch stop at the top of the climb – another cordon bleu feast

Bobbie in a happier moment – just before lunch she broke her bike after a fall due to a handlebar coming dangerously loose. She has had to ride a backup bike now. She is the southern Belle who fell of the Catlow fells. Not badly hurt thankfully.

Ozzie and David in earnest deliberations on cycle fit and comfort

Marty and Jamie atop. A famous old 14 century bridge , DEVILS BRIDGE, close to Casterton , an incredibly well built structure that has weatherd the test of time.

Judith has a “never say die” attitude and gets stronger by the day – just having fun.
Moved into new territory with ten consecutive days of riding. Everyone seems a little more weary – the bar bills have got smaller and folk shuffle off the bed a bit earlier than before – all except Bobbie who is intent on supporting the British Ale industry. Climbing does tend to take a toll and we are all now anticipating our one rest day that is scheduled for Saturday

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