Barbs looking for Puffin

Seeking the elusive Puffin

Having decided that I wanted to see a Puffin while in Ireland and having been disappointed at the Cliffs of Moher I set off to drive the 3 Rings of Kerry ever hopeful. Again some stunning scenery along the coastline…but a real highlight was taking the car ferry over to Valentia and then lunch at Portmagee a fishing village where boats head over to the Skellig Islands where there is an old monastery and puffins. Boats sail when the seas are fair so probably a couple of times a week. Sadly the closest I got to a Puffin was looking through a telescope and the models at a lookout point. I remember Gordon Ramsey eating them on one of his cooking shows but that was far from my intentions. Sigh…maybe next time. On the bright side, i did find a chocolate factory, yum!






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