Easy 88 km day thru Edinburgh to Kinross on Loch Leven


A small birthday surprise awaited John as we got ready to depart Peebles this morning. He celebrated his 72nd birthday yesterday and the group rallied round and put a few pounds together to commission an upgrade of the drive train on his bike. New cassette to give him better climbing options, new chain and rear mech.” Smooth and pleasant ride “now John says.

Leaving Peebles with the Beltane festival still happening. A wonderful procession of ALL the kids from the Pebbles primary school – all in different themed costume.




Lovely route that took us through the heart of Edinburgh city. I had a chat to this Bagpipe player and asked him there is any truth to the story that the bagpipes were actually invented by the Irish and given to the Scots as a joke – a joke that the Scots have yet to get?
He was very nice about it.



Spectacular rail and vehicle bridge over the Firth of Forth


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