island of Solta – someplace on windward side – 19km

another lovely calm start to the day – almost no wind as we crossed a 4 km passage to Solta island. We could see the town of Maslinica shimmering in the. Morning haze – beckoning us forward with promises of water and a nice coffee for my caffeine addicted wife

Maslinica is a lovely little town with colorful shops and cafes and a supermarket. We were down to our last Litre of water – we took on board a huge payload of another 28kgs = 28 liters . It is hot dry work paddling in this area. Also replenished our food reserves




We paddled on down the more remote windward side of the island and stopped at a little beach for a lunch stop and swim for Barb. There we met and enjoyed the company of a Croatian couple. y.



We failed to find the suggested campsite but came across this unusual spot with a couple of deserted fisherman’s cottages . managed to clear a spot for the tent. Comfortable spot and finally a spot very much all to ourselves . At about 6.30 am we had a visitor – the owner ! we were rather spread out all over his frontage using it for our cooking and gear. He appeared surprised to find us – He started talking – he may have said , “Will you move your Ass and go” OR was he saying ” do you like my Ass”
all smiles then- and I was able to help him launch his boat so he could check his fish cages


he seemed happy with his catch – this is the land of small fish and they never throw the little ones back




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