Brac island – 23 Kms

We finally pushed off – waved goodby by fisherman and his donkey. Again we had a lovely calm first half of the day before very brisk winds kicked in in the afternoon making photo opps too hard

Watched this guy for awhile but he did not seem to be catching any fish -just rocks off the bottom.

Found a rare beach and had a quick stop and Barb a swim – before we crossed the narrows to Brac. Stopped at Sv Josip and had a walk over to the pretty town of Milna for a great lunch in the town. We tarried too long and a strong wind on the nose and developing seas complicated progress. took us a long time to finally find a place to make camp – Vela Maslinova. It had extensive fish farms where they grow sea bass. They are very noisy critters – we heard a chirpy / gurgly sound
As we cruised on by.

Good landing spots are as rare as rocking horse shit in Croatia- you need to take what you can get.




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  1. Hi B&B Did you know the founder of Comvita died ? Good to see you are having a few swims, not swimming weather here. Did Chris manage to re address that parcel?

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