BOL – the 21 km run down to our hotel Sveti Kriz – a real bed!

We were both anticipating today as it we had booked a nice hotel in Bol – one that has a beach so that we could unload the kayaks and walk right on in. Another fantastic fine sunny day but we had a bit of headwind to contend with for the first 2 hours.




We found 2 old relics from WW2 – U boat pens constructed in the cliff faces and provided deep cover for these subs. Now the local fisherman use them for totally secure year round all weather anchorages

A great potential campsite – rare flat spot – too early in the day –


Barb had about 6 swims today – just perfect temps. As we paddled today we found a lot of pebble beaches – and lots of locals out for a day in the sun and water. Topless sunbathers out in force , looking curiously at these apparently overdressed visitors cruising past.

Note the almost total face and lip protection needed ( by me at least ) in this sunny clime



BOL ahoy – a much needed beer

View from our room

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