60 years young today !!

We hired a little car today – a relaxed drive round the Island of Brac was the order of the day. Barb was paying for EVERYTHING!

Our very close friends Gus and Sandi Schick trace some ancestry to this island – Sandi’s paternal grandfather came form a little village of Novo Selo and some relatives still have still summer houses in the village. Our mission was to see if we might find them at home.


Find them we did , and we received a warm welcome. A real birthday party – they sang happy birthday in English them a different version in Dutch. They gave some some delicious walnut liqueur and some other tasty refreshments and we learnt a bit about the history of the family.

Rina is a very young looking 81 year matriarch of the family and tells a really remarkable story of survival in the Turmoil of WW2. The Italians burnt all the houses in the village , Including Rina’s and life was extremely tough for those who managed to survive.

Milan. — husband of Rina


Rina’s daughter and granddaughter Tatjana and Mirna ( 7 years old)



Pics from Novo Selo village – note the use of stone in roofs

patron saint of Novo Selo


Lovely lunch at Povlja


  1. As soon as I see those pictures I’m saying ‘Oh my God – this couldn’t have been planned better!’ Tears come to my eyes. I can see that you are all enjoying yourselves. Fantastic! That’s amazing!

    • Dear Sandi, Yes amazing – we both enjoyed the moment so much and we both were glad that we found them. They thought I looked a lot like Gus – I laughed and said – yes but in the same way that all Chinese look kind of alike . They thought that funny! Rina is such a strong lady – she had a hip replacement fairly recently and is proud that she is walking well and on the mend. Loved her story and stuff about how her Dad was. Very strong lady indeed . It made my day actually.

      Barb and I have just returned from a lovely meal – my big 60 th cele is now at an end. A great day .

      Cheers, Bruce and Barb

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