Hvar Island – last days kayaking

Leaving the relative luxury of out air co hotel in Bol was a bit of a wrench. The staff at the Sveti Kriz had been very helpful and we were sad to depart .

half way to Hvar from Bol

we camped in forest very close to a town called Vrboska. No beach but we managed to get the kayaks up onto the rocks. Strong winds blew through the night and by morning we realized we were marooned here till sea conditions settled allowing us to launch from the rocks





One of my most enduring memories of Croatia is the way man has modified these incredibly rocky Islands – over 100’s of years to coax a living from this barren land. So many rocks have been moved to create endless patchwork of very wide rock walls. Some walls are several meters wide / such is the nature and sheer volume of this rock strewn landscape . Moving rocks to build walls must be part of the national psyche of the Dalmatians and I wonder how many wake screaming in the night at the thought of yet another day moving more rocks. A truly multi generational effort. Must have broken so many strong men.




A typical wall may be 3 meters wide – carefully crafted outside walls and the middle filled with all the small rocks of which there is an endless supply.

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