Last day – exploring Vrboska and Jelsa

The winds ” the bora ” died down nicely and by early am the water was calm enough for our cliff clamber and loading in the water. Had a great early morning dip before departure – Barb will rhapsodize about the wonderful swimming here in Croatia for years. We enjoyed the few Kms down the coast – past the extensive nudist camp and on to the ancient town of Jelsa







Enjoyed a lazy few hours in Jelsa , checked out the old town , had a lovely lunch and caught up with family via Skype to phone calling. In the afternoon we backtracked to the old town of Vrboska.


fantastic water colour as we made our way up to the town. We booked an apartment for the night as we ferry back to Split tomorrow and head to Dubrovnik – then London and NZ


Vrboska was founded in the 15th century as a fishing harbour, Vrboska is best known for the fortress Church of Sv. Marija (St Mary), built as a refuge for its inhabitants during the 16th century.[1] Vrboska has a population of 526 as of the 2001 Census.

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