Sinclair Tartan Kilt – a wonderful memento

My final entry re the great LeJog ride up thru the UK.
The mailman finally arrived with my Kilt – all the way from Inverness where I had commissioned the garment way back on 25th June. The Inverness business called Chisholms Kiltmakers take time and pride in making these kilts to exacting quality standards. Good things take time – but never doubted that Chisholm’s would come through with the goods and excellent quality too.

This is in the Tartan from my mothers forbears – Sinclairs from the North end of Scotland.

First impressions – it feels right and can be worn with ease. Barbs away visiting her mum and dad so I had to do some creative photography all by myself to catch these first pictures – used the coats-stand from inside to create a focus point – pushed the time release shutter – dashed up removed the coats-stand and tried to find the focus spot.







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