Just Doing It


We personalized the 5th with our little take on the Nike themed sign writing over the rear window. So for the record we are now ” just doing it”

Set off for the South Island early this week . Have spent a couple of days in Auckland catching up with friends and helping Chris get established in his new flat in mt Eden.
Today we managed to get south of Auckland – as far as Putararu where we have put the pick down for the night at a POP ( park over place) for members of the motor caravan association.

The salivating Dog at Tirau and Barb poking her tongue out

Another day and fresh brewed coffee in bed for Barb!

Visiting our friends Phil and Linda who run an Sheep Skin shop in Leichfield just sth of Putararu.

One comment

  1. Love the photos, Dad. Thank you for the email too – beautiful scenery! Beautiful mum too, of course. 🙂 xx

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