The cure for “Saddlearse”


Our last day on the ride – woke to some showers and for the first time – a good breeze. As luck would have it – we had the wind on our backs and a mere 30 Kms of gradual decline so it was pure joy. The rain held off and we sped along at a great clip.
Saw this advert long side the trail – a few Kms from the finish. An enterprising whiskey bar from Dunedin. Both of us are just fine ” downstairs” no Saddlearse — but the prospect of sampling some of these whiskeys is very enticing. You don’t have an alcohol problem as long as you don’t drink more than your GP


Barb stamps her 17 th station stamp – the penultimate station of Ngapuna Station.

The smile says it all – the last station , Middlemarch . No more cycling and Barb has completed her first big ride – covering over 150 Kms. Very satisfying feeling – she was up for more !

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  1. Great to see your photos. Brought back memories of our trip’ Look forward to following your next adventure

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