YHA -port Lincoln

Arrived at port Lincoln today after a great visit to Adelaide staying with the Kennedy family – friends from the LeJog last year. Marty and Jamie took time out to take me for a little MTb ride in one of there favorite spots – had a nice visit to stay with them in Hanhdorf a lifestyle type area close-by some historic old German settlements in the hills above Adelaide.

Trips to go and swim with the great whites keep the YHA here busy here at Port Lincoln – the men's urinal features a huge open jawed great white inviting customers to take careful aim – or else! The corner of SA boasts more millionaires than any other town due to the extremely lucrative tuna fishery businesses that make fortunes.

I have assembled the bike – purchased supplies for the mission ahead – posted a box of goodies to a roadhouse about 1000 Kms up the road – something to look forward to. The adventure begins tomorrow as I head up the coastal route towards streaky bay and Ceduna.



Jamie and Marten took time off work to take me on a short MTb excursion




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