Port Kenny

Day 2 Sheringa roadhouse to Port Kenny

Stats 110 Kms Time 4.47. Weather mostly SE tail breeze

The coast is tantalizingly close often -just over that rise to the left -but unless one wants to head down rough tracks for that last km or two it is not easy to get the views. Stopped for a late breakfast at Elliston after the first 40 Kms. Elliston is a small beach community that I guess has a very busy summer – but a quiet backwater at this time of year. No flat whites here.
The last 70 odd Kms and I was at Port Kenny – another little beach area. The old pub had room at the inn – no heating and the place feels sub zero. The bar was the only place to retreat – asked if they had a Pilsener and she replied, ” don’t get fancy with me” The whole craft beer phenomenon has clearly not taken off in this corner of Australia. However they do a great Tbone.



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