Day 3 to Streaky Bay

Sunday ride – Streaky bay
Stats 3 hours 11 mins ride time 70 km

Glad for a shorter Sunday ride as the body ( read left knee) is struggling to make the adjustment to the regular miles. A pleasant ride as the temperatures seemed to be on the up a little and even with a lot of cloud conditions were still OK and the wind was mostly light and helpful. Only other traffic on the roads seem to be the never ending stream of Aussy grey nomads towing their curious low contraptions. You could be forgiven for thinking Aussy folk must be real short – many of these caravans are less than 2 metres from Tarmac to roof top. A peculiar tradition that you only see in Australia.




Sharlene insisted we take a detour from the highway for a look at a local curiosity – the Murphy’s Haystacks


Stopped for a look at this unique tribute to some local who must have died on this particular dead straight piece of road. Clearly whoever he was – he loved sheep and shearing them – his last hand-piece and cutters still attached to this big piece if timber. Photo of the sheep now fading.

Beautiful sunset on the beach front and the pelicans stated flying in from wherever. Sharlene was keen to get out and meet and greet but these big birds politely ignored her.





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