Streaky Bay to Ceduna

Stats – 122 Kms in fine conditions with mild wind

A stunning frosty night and a spectacular dawn over Streaky Bay. Was too cold for an early start so I waited a couple of hours for the sun to warn things up before departing.


Had a little discussion with Sharlene who was unhappy with her seating arrangement – “too cold ” she argued . She wanted to get inside the rear carrier bag – I insisted she needed to have her head out so that she could continue her role as road train lookout. She won.


View back to streaky bay
Stopped for a lunch break after about 65 Kms at another beach , Smokey Bay



I know that there are some cyclists on the road – most heading west not east – so I am sure to meet others on this trip. Today however I had the pleasure of meeting Terra – a very courageous lady who is on a mission to raise awareness on suicide . She has so far walked over 4000 Kms – just come over the Nullarbor . She pushes her cart up to 50 Kms per day.
Sharlene was delighted as Terra has a bird traveling companion too , his name ” Sir Pete the Intrepid” They got along just fine . Terra is the sort of girl who must love feeding a man as in the short time we spent together she very kindly gave me a nice mandarin and nutritious ” Paleo Bar ” Saved the ginger nut Paleo bar till I got to Ceduna – I now have this irresistible desire to beat my chest.


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