Cycling for Ben


Andrew cycled into Nullarbor today covering 200 Kms with a blistering tail breeze that made him fly. He is supported by Claire who drives a large motor home. There journey started from Perth and he plans to cycle all the way back home to his hometown north of Sydney. We spent a memorable evening together over dinner and I learnt a lot including the story behind the motivation for Andrews huge ride. A heart rending tragedy that may be just round the corner for any loving family.
Worthy of support.

( this copied from his web page )
Andrew Heenan (Ben’s father)
On 11th March 2014 I lost my son Ben after a long battle with Mental Illness. Ben was cared for by a loving family and under intensive treatment by a team of mental health professionals, however we still lost the battle when he took his own life.

On 12th August 2014 (Ben’s Birthday) I will be setting off on a 4000km solo cycle from Perth to our home on the NSW Central Coast. The purpose of this cycle is to raise funds so that the Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health may further their research into psychosis and suicide prevention. (There is a suicide in Australia every 4 hours). The Florey Institute, based in Melbourne, is the fourth largest Neuroscience research institute in the world.

The cycle trip, which will be supported by my wife Claire, is fully self funded so your entire donation will be directed to the Florey Institute.

Join us on facebook ( ) to follow the ride progress or if you would prefer email updates let us know at and we will add you to the email list.
Thanks again.

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  1. Hi Bruce, We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip heading west! Will follow your adventures with interest. Thanks for a most enjoyable dinner.
    Andrew & Claire

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