The long long road – – Balladonia or bust- 180km

Have been girding my loins in readiness for a big night out. Intend to start off into this section which includes Australia’s longest straight stretch of road ( 146 Kms) at some ungodly hour and in the dark of the night. Headwinds are unfortunately forecast and I am choosing to do a night ride to see if I can take advantage of lower headwinds thru the wee hours. It is 187 Kms to the next roadhouse so only time will tell how it all goes down.




Pics from Ciaguna – interesting to note that this highway is littered with rubbish all the way. Not sure who to blame – perhaps the older mindset Aussy grey nomads who may be less environmentally conscious than the next generation ? Or could the truckies be to blame ?



  1. admirable, but are u having a great time? Hope so… At least you have your girl friend riding pillion! That must be a comfort on the long cold nights.

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