Cockelbiddy – recovery ride.

Stats 91 Kms in good conditions

Since passing thru Mundrabiddi the nature of the country has changed with more Roos and hints that this country sees a little more rain than further east. The stench of death assaults the nostrils with some frequency and the evidence is road kill is there to see .This is the country of the giant wedge tail eagle and I saw two recently killed eagles close together. Today I saw my first live Roo bounding away but too quick for my camera.

I had another rest day in Madura which was very relaxing. Met an interesting couple – John and his Wife Rose . They are both teachers from sth of Perth who have been using some long service leave to explore the outback in their 4×4. They were heading home and very kindly agreed to carry my panniers forward to Cocklebiddy which gave me a nice light bike to ride on my ” recovery ride “

Some entertainment arrived in the form of all these strange cars – part of a variety bash – some odd Aussy fundraising extravaganza. They are driving from Sydney back to Perth.





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