Norseman – the gateway to the Nullarbor

105 Kms in fantastic conditions with light easterly gently assisting

Was a wonderful ride thru interesting eucalyptus forest and hints of the salt pan lakes that cover huge areas in this region. The spinning wheels gobbled up the Kms and it was only about 4 hours to make it all the way to Norseman

Met a couple of cyclists who have been on independent journeys but are presently traveling together heading east over the Nullarbor. Helen Keogh is raising funds for schooling for girls in Laos for the Lotus Educational Fund. She has been traveling with Mr Bean who was very happy to spend a moment to three with our Sharlene


Peter ( recovering from his road train horror) and Sue were heading back to Perth today and stopped for a chat when they caught up to me after about 30 Kms. They very kindly agreed to carry my two little front panniers ( camping gear ) all the way to Perth as I am finished with tenting on this trip now


Peddled into Norseman just after midday and checked out the two prominent tourist sights – Norseman the horse who kicked a gold rush off when he unearthed a large nugget way back about 1874. The galv. Camels give some recognition to the importance of camels in the early days of opening up this country.

Had promised Sharlene that I would take her out to celebrate the completion of the Nullarbor section and she was pretty keen. All went well until this lady who sounded a bit like Kim from ” KATH & Kim” really upset her.
KIM — oh what a lovely little Cassawary you are Darl
SH — No , I’m an Emu
KIM. No Darl , see that beautiful blue plumage under your chin – you are a. Cassawary

Well the damage was done – no amount of talking could convince her even tried the old ” you can be just whatever you want to be Sharlene” besides Cassawarys and Emus are like blood sisters. She was not happy – I had to finish her whiskey for her – it just knocked the stuffing right out of her.


  1. Which way are you going from there – south to the coast or north? Having lots of laughs about the exploits of you and Sharlene.

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