Norseman then one big day to Kalgoorlie -195 km

Had one last day off in Norseman before my last days riding – it was a wind problem

NO – not that sort of ” wind problem ” but wind direction. I needed to wait a day for a promised southerly that would take me all the way to the finish at Kalgoorlie




Sights in Norseman
Built on an old gold mine and there is this massive slag heap from the early days. It is a water poor district and some say that with better water there is still a significant volume of gold that is recoverable from this massive man made slag heap.

Last day on the bike

Woke Sharlene at 5.30 am to get everything set for our last big day out. I was able to give her the fantastic news that our friend Cathy Donadio has done some research and established that blue plumage was still and Emu trait and she lacked the funny looking cocked hat of the Cassawary – therefore she is an Emu after all. She was so happy – a different bird.


We rolled out at 6.40 am and the promised wind started to build nicely. With a long mostly straight road ahead going north a steady southerly was simple bliss. The road skirts some impressive salt lake dry lake beds and then it is a roller coaster of undulating road north. It is narrow and one needs care as the mine road trains here are now 4 trailers long and up to 53 metres long! Traffic is sparse. Just a big spin and the Kms quickly racked up. Had a late lunch at a mining town of Kampbaldy then it was only 60 Kms to run up the Kal ( as the locals call it ) Started to notice lots of cars on the road – hinting at the size of this fairly big city. Over 30,000 people in Kal.
Rolled into the outskirts town of Boulder and noticed a Salvation Army opp shop. Walked in , feeling a bit like Jack Reacher , clothes needing to be binned but in need of something sharper for the big town. Walked out with my preloved shirt – all for $6.
Staying at the YHA- need to rest up before we catch the Indian Pacific train to Perth on Friday . Sharlene has been promised to big night out tomorrow as we explore Kal together

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