Road trip with Samantha

The surprise adventure
This particular adventure was hatched on Saturday ( 2 days ago )
Went like this
“hey Sammi – thinking of doing this massive road trip starting in Adelaide – heading up to Sydney – how about coming along and helping out with the driving?” She has never visited either Adelaide or Melbourne so the offer was pitched in tempting tone.

The large affirmative smile gave her answer and within hours I had booked her ticket , before she had a chance to change her mind . I’m treating it as a fantastic gift – a once in a lifetime chance to have a road trip with my beautiful girl before her life becomes so busy with her career and limited holidays that this will be no-longer feasible. Hanging out with the old man may well rank further down the wish list in her future life priorities.

We plan to take the long loooooooooonnngggg. way -Day one in Adelaide for a looksee then onwards via the iconic ” great ocean road ” then into the metropolis of Melbourne before we swing north again into the old gold mining towns of Victoria.. Destination is Sydney and a company called off-road systems who make stuff for 4×4 camping vehicles .


IMG_0557.JPGHenrietta Hilux joined our family in late October – purchased sight unseen over the net in a private sale from this nice guy , Daniel , who lives in Adelaide and since then she has been patiently waiting re registration and the arrival and biding of her new owners. She has been garaged with our friends the Kennedy family who live in Hanhdorf , in the hills above Adelaide. Henrietta was purchased not only for her stunning good looks , she’s just a kid — born 2013 , but for her obvious potential as a 4×4 camping platform for adventure in the great Australian outback. Daniel had already fitted Henrietta with lots of fruit for outback camping adventure fun. Barb and I plan to use her during our wet and dreary NZ winters and hit the big red centre where winters are marvelous with day after day of perfect fine weather.

This adventure will enable a good road trial and a chance to continue with some additions and improvements to setting her up for her intended use. We traveled with 5 x23 kg bags and am carrying lots of tools and electrical stuff for fitting a dual battery and so much more including camping gear , tents etc for this trip.u


IMG_0565.JPGshe has pretty eyes

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