Playing tourist from Hanhdorf

A day to get ready for the road – a wheel change to put on regular rubber rather than the heavy duty stuff and a chance to see some of the famous Shiraz winery’s surrounding Mc Laren Vale


IMG_0568.JPGHanhdorf is an old town that was established by German Settlers in the mid 1800’s and now is something of a tourist destination for people coming to enjoy the lovely old buildings and food outlets. Great Bakeries and here a really nice knife shop. Resisted entering as I knew I would need to walk out with a new knife!

Visited the d’Arenberg winery with these rather interesting bronzes at the entrance. Some famous and expensive wines made here


IMG_0571.JPGSamantha and Henrietta enjoying the views out from Maslim Beach.

We are both very happy with Henrietta and think the journey starting tomorrow should be a pleasure – she rides like a dream and with spotify on Bluetooth she rocks.
Ps Sammi tolerates my music

IMG_0572.JPGGreat night out at Hanhdorf German style pub — me , Sophia, Alice , Hamish , Henry , Sammi , Jamie , and Marten. Been a fun time with the Kennedy clan.


  1. The real Arenburg is the dark ditch in Northern France famous for one thing….. The hell of the North aka Paris Roubaix in April. You need to get over here to experience it

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