Cruising route 166

On the road — cruising route 666

Sammi and I have a plan that’s working well – one hour on one hour off and a nice passenger pillow ( thanks Sophia) for some relaxed shut eye in ones hour off.

Only a couple of hundred km’s into the day and Sharlene comes out with
“Are we there yet”???


IMG_0576.JPGI think Sharlene likes my driving the best – no disrespect to Sammi who is driving very well – but well she is probably slightly biased on account of my getting her across the Nullarbor without too many feathers ruffled
Let’s wait till we roll into Sydney and we will ask Sharlene again

IMG_0577.JPGLunch stop



IMG_0580.JPGMount Gambier and noted tourist attraction with blue lake – a 5000 year old volcanic crater

IMG_0581.JPGOur campsite tonight at Port Fairy – ominous looking clouds and threats of thunder storms loom

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