Dubbo –

Mission Accomplished

Has been a busy few days getting Henrietta a facelift – nah ..,,actually most of the work was on her rear end. The makeover features
# 70 Litre SS fresh water tanks plus electric water pump
# ARB fridge freezer 47 Litre – 12 volt on slide out
#105 amp hour dual battery mounted in front of fridge under floor
# circuits for 4 USB outlets plus 2 power outlet sockets
# rear drawer system
# pull out folding table
# voltage sensitive relay linking the car battery to the house battery
# install clever battery monitor system



Beach at Andrew and Claire’s place
sEvery bone now aches from all the install work – crawling in and out of the back of Henrietta enough times to hurt. The final work was done at Gosford where my friends Andrew and Claire recommended a sparky to help with the last aspects of the dual battery connections. I came over with huge box of auto electrics components
and tools so was able to do most of the fiddly work myself . All systems go now.

Had a very pleasant evening with Andrew and Claire – I met them at the Nullarbor roadhouse as they were cycling East and I west . Wad a good catchup on his epic 4000km plus ride all the way home from Perth.




Hit the road today for my trip back to Adelaide. Missing Sammi – she was a great support with sharing the drive and today was tough. Overtired — in a word .
The first big test of the day was at Dubbo – my destination and camp tonight —
The fridge had a few Aussy beers for its initiation – opened the lid and they were sitting nicely at 4 degrees c. Perfect !




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  1. Wow, things look really well set up! All your hard work has paid off and is much appreciated, but then you thrive on the challenge. Looking forward to trying it out xx

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