Dubbo to Balranald — 644 Kms on cruise control

On the way home – fly back to Barbara on Tuesday – missing her laughter again after this brief separation. The roads have become long and very straight and unusually arid dry flatlands and some flood plains. Stopped at a few little towns on the way including the town of Hay where I purchased the makings for a nice dinner. Cruise control is fantastic – put on spotify — relax and enter another world as the Kms click by.


IMG_0644.JPGShe’s drier than a dead dingos donga out here on the Hay plains and even Santa looks a bit shrunken , dehydrated and possibly stuffed

IMG_0649.JPGIn the last 100 Kms I slowed for a chat to a touring cyclist to check if he was ok and if he required water. It was a high 31 degrees c and Loather was short of h20. Great to be able to assist a fellow cyclist as I filled up about 5 bottles. He was very happy that I stopped for him – couldn’t thank me enough. With a 70 Litre tank onboard it was no big deal. He has come from Perth And odo is over 4500 km. keen man to be out there in December temps.


IMG_0646.JPGAn interesting old pioneer God forsaken church in the middle of absolutely nowhere testament to another time and stories now lost.

IMG_0650.JPGDestination was this surprising settlement called Balranald – first looked like an Oasis shimmering on the horizon and Oasis is an apt description. The hay plains are a true desert environment but here a rare River makes growing anything possible. A lovely campground and all for a mere $10 for my campsitec

IMG_0652.JPGBy chance I had a heat gun in my tools so I got rid of OTA — Henrietta approves

IMG_0654.JPGTrip complete – back at the Kennedy’s place in Hahndorf. Odo reads 3825 km for this trip. Parking her up now till Barb and I return mid 2015

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