Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Had some good news and some bad news today.
Samantha and Chris have just received their special delivery of certificates from AU embassy bestowing and confirming their Australian citizenship
The the bad news ?
Read it again😱

IMG_0893.JPGMt Cook – another fine day despite the forecast.

Had a big day walking today – first up the main tourist track in the Hooker valley as far as the Hooker Lake. Then retraced and headed back up the left side of the lake – a boulder hoping walk that sidles round the lake edge with steep and dangerous looking slopes of the old moraine wall – undercut and ready to go with a smallest provocation. This is the route that trampers take if intending to take the Copeland Pass – an unfulfilled ambition of mine.




IMG_0896.JPGI made it as far as the top of the lake before retracing the route back. Back at the 5th wheel after 5.75 hours – a big day and ready for a rest now




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