Barbs Birthday – mt Cook

Barbs big day began with a lovely rendition of ” happy birthday to you etc” – was just before 8am and I had invited a couple of very cold backpackers into the van to have a hot cup a tea. The diesel heater was blasting out 4 KW of wonderful heat so the 8 degree outside temperature made it a very hospitable thing to do as we had 20 + in the van. Just as the backpacker couple were leaving we – me plus them – gave the slumbering Barb a sweet melody to remind her that this was no ordinary day.




IMG_0872.JPGWe motored on up to Mt Cook campground at about 10 am and found a spot in the very popular and busy campsite. The place is fairly full with all manner of Juicy type wicked vans and motor homes. The place is seething with foreign tourists all here to see a little bit of this iconic landmark in NZ – out tallest mountain. The ” Whitehorse hill campground” is right under the impressive Sefton Peak.

IMG_0877.JPGSeftonWe spent the afternoon with a walk up the Hooker valley – up till we got to see this magnificent view of Mt Cook.




IMG_0881.JPGBarbs Mum and Dad just happened to be staying at the hermitage and we invited them to the Caravan for a special birthday dinner – Moët followed by a delectable feast mostly cooked on the bbq.



IMG_0889.JPGAs you can see we 5 th wheelers have style – even dress up for special dinners and note Barb modeling her new van apron – a last minute birthday gift to go with her new tramping boots – but not on the same occasion.
We enjoyed a great dinner together and had calls from the kids too.
A great day 😉


  1. Nice to see you guys getting out and about. Always captivated by you great photos. Happy birthday Barb!
    I fly out to Christchurch Friday 13th, staying at the Rolleston YHA in the City. Then fly to Wellington Tuesday morning the 17th before Going to the Wairarapa to watch the women’s cycling event. From there I’ll tour the central north island up as far as Coromandel before going back to Wellington for a few days before I fly out on the 20th March. If I see the 5th Wheeler I’ll start tooting and waving! Cheers Trevor Hill

  2. Hi guys was given some tickets to the cricket for the match nz v srilanka on saturday and did the transalpine train today. Hope to do some exploring by bike tomorrow. Cheers trevor

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