Life in the slow lane

One day melts into the next – life on the road with no hurry and no particular expectations for the days ahead. Finally we are slowing things down picking up on that ” mindfulness” mantra of just living for this moment. I know it’s February but whether it’s Monday or Sunday seems somehow irrelevant. Barb assures me it’s Wednesday 😊



IMG_0946.JPGToday we shifted the rig to Sailers Cutting on the beautiful Lake Benmore. We cycled the A2O trail ( alps to ocean) round the lake – a nice little out and back. I then did a small road ride down to Otematata – a 140 metre climb and a nice descent down to the small settlement at Otematata.

IMG_0944-2.JPGWe had a short walk to a swimming spot on Lake Aviemore and enjoyed a wonderful altogether swim. The hot dry climate made today – 33 degrees c outside – a pleasure. The lack of humidity makes all the difference .



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  1. Yep it’s Wednesday – hump day – and summer’s back! We had a few days of autumn over the last 2 weeks, but today was back to summer. Keep on having fun you guys! xx

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